Computer Consultants, Boston, Ma and Network Consultants for Boston, MA, Massacusetts -- Computer Support, Boston, MA, Network Support, and Computer Network Support -- Computer Network Consultants, Computer Consulting, Computer Network Consulting -- Computer Security, Firewalls, Antivirus, Antispam, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Spyware Removal -- Computer Programming, Microsoft Access Programming, Application Development, Software -- IT Support, Outsourced IT Support, Outsourced IT Services, IT Services, Boston, MA -- IT support, computer support, network support, computer network support -- these are our specialties. We offer complete one-stop technology solutions for small and medium businesses. Our experienced qualified IT engineers bring the capabililty to deal with any computer, network or technology related issues which may arise. Computer network security, firewall configuration, VPN setup and maintenance.

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Providing Support  for Computer Networks to businesses since 1989


Reliable, and Responsive
Support for Computer Networks

Enjoy the freedom
focus on your business
let us care for
your computers and networks.

Most computer problems can be prevented by continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance - - before they effect productivity.

We offer:
  • Proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance
  • Top notch expertise
  • Server and network management
  • Desktop computer support
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and security maintenance

For clients desiring a single point of responsibility, we sell a full range of hardware and software; however, for clients desiring to obtain products from other sources, we do not hesitate to provide full support as well as assistance specifying the purchases

3 Critical Things You Must Have To Guarantee Your Business Could Be Back Up and Running Fast In The Event Of A Data-Erasing Disaster

Can’t afford to be down for days?  Take these 3 easy (but critical!) steps to make sure you never have to suffer extended downtime, data loss or corruption:

  1. Keep an on-site AND off-site copy of your data. You never want to rely solely on an on-site backup. If a fire, flood, natural disaster or burglary happens, you’re out of luck. Plus, it’s smart to have a backup of your backup – especially when it comes to your businesses data!
  2. Throw your old tape-drive backups out the window! If you’re still using tape drive backups you could be in for a HUGE surprise when you try to pull the data off of them. Tapes are highly volatile and have a failure rate of 100%. ALL tape drives fail at some point, and often without warning. Plus swapping tapes is a major pain! There are far easier and more reliable ways to backup your data. If you want some suggestions, please call our office.
  3. Image your server and workstations. Imaging your server and workstations is similar to taking a “snapshot” or “picture” of your hard drive. Not only does it make a copy of the information (data) that is stored on them, but it also makes a copy of all the software programs, personal settings, favorites, desktop icons, network settings, printer configurations and EVERYTHING exactly as it is in your current computer. This will enable you to be back up and running in 90 minutes verses days because rebuilding a server that has crashed, burned or been otherwise incapacitated takes time.

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