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Business Telephone Systems for Small/Mid-Sized Businesses & Call Centers


AltiGen's Business Phone Systems
Simple and Manageable Solution
  Business Phone Systems by AltiGen

Are you paying too much for your business phone system? Small Business Phone System

Learn what more than 10,000 customers have already discovered - AltiGen VoIP business phone systems (or IP PBX) deliver maximum value for your investment.

AltiGen’s VoIP phone systems were specifically designed for the needs of businesses and branch offices having from 5 to 100 employees.

All AltiGen VoIP phone system features are delivered on a single server – which make our systems easy to install, use, and manage. More importantly, it provides your business with most complete and cost effective IP phone system available. 

Built on industry standards such as Intel servers and the Microsoft Windows and Exchange Server, AltiGen’s IP PBX seamlessly interoperates with your current data network – thus avoiding costly network upgrades, while offering a low total cost of ownership.

Delivering “big system” features at "small system" prices, AltiGen IP phone systems are modular in design, and offer the following standard and advanced features:

Standard VoIP Phone System Features Advanced VoIP Phone System Features
• IP PBX Softswitch   • Advanced Call Routing    
• VoIP Phones • Call Center Agent Client  
• VoIP Servers • Call Center (ACD)  
• Auto Attendant / IVR • Call Center Supervisor Client  
• Voice Mail • Call Recording  
• Windows Soft Phone Client • Advanced Call Reporting>  
• Operator Console • Mobile Communications  
• Windows Administration Client • Multi-Site Enterprise Manager  
• IP Audio Conference Bridge • Application Program Interface (API/SDK)  

Flexible Pricing Plans
In order to meet the unique needs of small businesses and branch offices, AltiGen offers flexible purchasing options and pricing plans.  These include up front purchases with variable licensing options, flexible leasing programs via AltiGen Communications Financing, and monthly hosted managed service plans – all designed to meet your distinct budget requirements.

Growing with your Business
AltiGen’s IP phone system will grow as your business grows.  Gone are the days of replacing your phone system when the maximum number of extensions has been reached.  With AltiGen you can continue to add phone system resources as your business demands increase, including powerful multi-site, remote employee, and distributed office capabilities.

Protecting your Investment
Proprietary hardware-based phone systems (which most phone systems still are today, including many VoIP phone systems) depreciate over time.  The key advantage of AltiGen’s VoIP phone system is that the features are software-based.  With AltiGen, new phone features are continually made available via software updates.  With AltiGen your phone system is constantly renewed.  Not only is your investment protected, your AltiGen VoIP phone system will actually appreciate over time with new and improved functionality.