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AltiGen Telephone Systems
The AltiServ™ PBX solutions are complete turnkey IP-PBX and Converged PBX telephone systems that are standards-based, making it easier and more affordable for customers of all sizes to implement reliable IP-PBX telephone systems and IP contact center solutions.
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AltiServ phone systems and call centers solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses from 8 to 600 users. Each system is designed to be cost effective for any sized business. Each system offers a highly scalable IP-PBX telephone system. The AltiGen product family supports logical stepped increments of 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 users per chassis. Every AltiGen system has the ability to continue to expand by networking multiple local and remote systems together for implementation of up to 600 extensions. These exceptional scaling and networking capabilities are the hallmarks of the AltiGen Distributed Intelligence Network Architecture (DINA).

The AltiServ Office and AltiServ IP systems and Call Center solutions are administrated through an easy to use administrative interface. For single and multi-site businesses, the AltiServ family offers affordable and complete state of the art IP phone solutions. Equip your business with a award winning IP-PBX phone system installed in over 17 thousand businesses, which includes automated attendants, superior voice mail, including one-number access “follow me”, and Zoomerang® one button call back from voice mail, as well as comprehensive call detail reporting.

Converged IP Phone Systems
AltiServ™ SmallOffice - Designed for 8 - 25 users
AltiServ™ Office - Designed for 25 - 100 users
AltiServ™ OfficePlus - Supports up to 300 users per chassis networks up to 600 users

IP-PBX Phone Systems
AltiServ™ 1 IP - Designed for 8 to 50 users
AltiServ™ 2 IP - Supports up to 200 users per chassis networks up to 600 users

Contact Center Solutions
AltiContact™ Manager - AltiGen’s most advanced, turnkey call center solution
AltiServ™ Contact Center - Contact Center module for the AltiServ IP-PBX family

Phone Sets
Alti-IP 600 - IP phone manufactured by AltiGen for the AltiServ IP-PBX family
AltiTouch Plus - Analog Telephone designed for the AltiServ IP-PBX family
AltiTouch 390 - Analog Telephone designed for the AltiServ IP-PBX family