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Finally thereís a telephone system with all of the features a small business needs, at a price virtually any small business can afford. Itís called the Bizfon. Now you can get a complete phone system equipped with built-in voice mail and easy-to-use feature phones for less than $2500 !  

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Hereís a sampling of what the Bizfon includes as standard features:

    • Connects up to 6 external phone lines and 8 extensions, expandable in multiples of 6 lines and 8 extensions up to a 24x32 configuration.
    • Full set of PBX/key system features (Hybrid System)
    • Built-in voice mail with private mailboxes for all extensions. An optional voice vault card is available for additional virtual mailboxes and additional voice mail time.
    • Automated attendant answers multiple calls at one time.
    • Transfers calls to any extension, and forwards calls to any phone, in or out of the office.
    • Bizfon automatically creates extension number directory of all users.
    • The Bizfon works with conventional analog telephones instead of proprietary digital phones.
    • Music on hold
    • Bizfon comes with voice prompts to assist you in accessing all features and gives immediate access to Customer Care by dialing extension 299.
    • Multi-Tenant features are also available.  This allows 1 Bizfon 680 to handle up to 3 tenants each with their own Auto Attendant.

If youíve been waiting for a phone system with features like these at a price you can afford, the wait is over.